G’day and welcome to my theological scrapbook blog.

It’s mainly just a collection of tidbits I like from books, articles and the web

Seb beach


8 Comments on “Hello”

  1. John Purssey says:

    There are two sorts of people. Those who think in dichotomies and those that don’t.

    I expect you have heard that one.



  2. LOL. No I haven’t heard that one John. Thanks. I like it 🙂

  3. Michael Bell says:

    Hi Sebi (if that’s not being too familiar too quickly!)
    This isn’t a comment for publication: if there’s another way to send you a message from your blog then I didn’t find it!

    I came here from Patdys’ thread in hell and will have to come back to read more. I find your blog a little disorienting though: is it all quotes from other people? It’s difficult in places to discern whether they’re your words or not.

    Hope you’re doing well and leaping into the new year.

    Cheers, Michael/AdamPater

    • falsedichotomie says:

      Hi Michael,

      It’s what I call a “theological scrapbook”. Just bits and pieces that I collect from around the internetz. 🙂

  4. Just wanted to say hi & keep up the good work.

  5. Emily Egerton-Warburton says:

    Hi, I saw you yesterday but didn’t have time to say hi! Jonathan Holgate recommended I introduce myself.

    • falsedichotomie says:

      Hello Emily.
      I believe you are the chaplain at Peter Moyes? I was very keen to attend the chaplain connect session but unfortunately had to work in the morning.
      Perhaps we can catch up another time. But I don’t know what you look like! 🙂
      Best wishes

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